Campus Internships

A Alpha PIRG Students internship gives you the opportunity to take your education out of the classroom, do hands-on work, learn important skills, and make a direct impact on public interest issues. And you may be able to receive course credit for your Internship.

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Alpha PIRG Students offers internships on all of our campaigns (hyperlink). The primary entry-level internships are:

Organizing Internship

Organizing internships give students an opportunity to coordinate a Alpha PIRG Students campaign on campus or in the community.  Students work closely with Alpha PIRG Students staff to develop coalitions, recruit volunteers, coordinate events and strategize for victory.

Grassroots Internship

Demonstrating public support is integral in winning public interest campaigns. All  Alpha PIRG Students  projects include grassroots organizing, and grassroots interns are an important piece of concentrating public concern and presenting it to decision makers. In years past, grassroots interns have played a crucial role in the gathering of over one million public comments to the president in an effort to protect 60 million acres of pristine National Forests. Student interns worked with the media to educate the community about the plans of four of the world's largest oil companies to drill in the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge.

Internet Internship

The internet has become a powerful organizing tool on college campuses. Students increasingly use the internet as their primary medium for news, research, and communication. Internet interns play a key roll in recruiting students, communicating the goals and accomplishments of the chapter, and building support for  Alpha PIRG Students campaigns through email and other online forums. 

Media Internship

Alerting the public through the media is a key part of all Alpha PIRG Students projects.  Alpha PIRG Students media interns work to use newspapers, television and radio news to educate the public about issues that concern them. In addition to learning important media skills, interns do great public interest work. In just the past thirteen years alone, media interns have helped to pull over 60 dangerous toys from the shelves through their annual Toy Safety press conferences. 

Research Internship

The problems that face our society seem complex and often daunting. Alpha PIRG Students research interns take important information, cut through any confusion, and present that information in a way that both educates and activates the campus and the community. In recent years,  Alpha PIRG Students research has documented consumer scams like high bank and credit card fees. 

Program Internship

Program Interns will have the opportunity to work on a variety of issues bringing together research, media work, and organizing, while learning to effectively make a difference on some of the most important issues facing this generation of college students. 

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